How Professionals Estimate Carpet Cleaning Cost

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As a homeowner you care about how your carpet looks, feels as well as its durability.

Maintaining your carpet regularly is key to extending its life but in order to be an informed consumer and get the best bang for your buck, you’re also curious about how a professional carpet cleaning company estimates the price of services, then this blog is for you!

We’ve put together a detailed and informative picture on the aspects that a professional carpet cleaning company considers when deciding their service cost.

Let’s get started!

The most important and number one question we get asked from our customers is “how much will it cost to clean my carpet” and we understand that most of them are trying to get the job done economically or even find out if they should replace their carpet or clean them.

An answer to that comes down to the specifics such as what type of carpet do you have as well as what are your concerns.

Here are a few aspects we think about when determining carpet cleaning cost:

  • What is the size of your carpet?
  • Is your carpet material synthetic, natural, nylon or wool?
  • What type of wash does your carpet need- is it pet urine, stain removal for after-party, anti-viral and bacterial disinfection or just a regular maintenance cleaning?
  • The type of packaging you need for your carpet after cleaning
  • The insurance you choose for your carpet cleaning delivery

The Math Behind Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost/Price

1. Carpet Size

Just like all costs, carpet cleaning also has its own math to measure cost and this is in square footage.

That is, the cost is determined by first multiplying the length of the carpet to the width of the carpet to get a total square footage. This number is then taken and multiplied by the cost per square foot to get a total cost. The carpet cleaning cost involves any base cleaning as well as additional services chosen for the carpet on this square footage calculated

In order to get square footage, the length is multiplied times the width, giving the number of square feet.

Let’s assume you have a carpet that is 10 feet by 14 feet. The total square footage of the carpet is 140 square feet.

Now to determine the price you multiply the square feet of the carpet to the square footage price of the company.

For example-

140 square feet x (square footage price) = Carpet Cleaning Cost.

2. Carpet Type

There are so many different carpets and each carpet fabric has a different cleaning difficulty level, as in, some carpets are harder to clean than others.

For example- Berber carpets are easiest to clean, cut and loop carpets are somewhat difficult to clean while wool and natural fibres are the most difficult to clean.

The carpet type and the method to use depends on the loops your carpet has. The way the fibres of your carpet twist whether it’s loose, medium or tight establishes how much dirt your carpet conceals.

3. Carpet Cleaning Method

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet cleaning cost doesn’t only depend on square footage but also the carpet cleaning method that needs to be used to clean your carpet.

These include:

  • Knocked & Dedusted
  • Washed with curd soap
  • Dried, dust vacuumed

In the knocked and dedusted category the carpets are first inspected and then put through a knocking machine to remove surface dust and then washed. If you have a very dusty carpet (for example, one with high traffic or pet hair) you need to ensure you explicitly select double tapping in our booking process.

Another option for cleaning that comes within our base option is where we use organic soap, such as curd soap to wash your carpet. This is done to preserve your carpets natural wool wax and helps retain your beautiful carpet for a long time. It is also known as refatting.

The third option is using the dry method of cleaning where an advanced machine is used to remove 90% of moisture. The carpet is then dried in a drying room at +40 degrees. Usually the drying time is 24 hours, but this can also require days if it is a Berber carpet. After drying the carpets are then vacuumed to remove any dust contaminants.

Pet Urine or Odour Removal

This falls under the intensive wash category:

Urine Treatment: The carpet cleaning cost in this case of a stain depends on the type and size of the stain. For instance, a stain caused by pet urine costs more because they get deeply embedded into the fibres of the carpet and take more time and effort to remove. To remove pet stain and odour the carpets are pretreated chemically prior to tapping, and washing. All the other processes are the same as the other base wash type read above.

Impregnation: Another option within the pet urine or odour category that can be selected is the impregnation treatment where a special treatment that has dirt and liquid repelling properties is applied to the carpet to prevent the instant penetration of liquids, therefore making stain removal easier and faster.

After-Party Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s a slice of cake that lands icing faced down or a glass of wine that a guest spills over or finger and party food like pizza whose grease stains your carpet, food and drink stains are an inevitable part of hosting a party in carpeted areas.

Our carpet cleaning experts can clean up any party mess on your carpet at any cost!

Here’s what comes under our after-party cleaning category.

  • There are three similar washing options like the regular carpet cleaning which are knocked and dedusted, washed with curd soap and dried, and dust vacuumed.
  • The other two added options are pre-treated stains and impregnation surface treatment as seen in the pet urine and odour removal category although this one is specifically for stain removal.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Bacterial Carpet Cleaning

If there is one thing everyone has learned after the pandemic, it’s that the importance of disinfection cannot be underestimated. Our anti-virus and anti-bacterial carpet cleaning ensures a deep clean removing almost 99% of germs and contaminants.

Under this cleaning type are two options and the cost is dependent on the one you choose!

Moth Treatment- This involves the elimination of moths and larvae that have made the carpet their breeding ground. This is done by keeping your carpet in extremely cold rooms. In the rare cases that larvae survive with this cold room treatment, we use a specialised spray (with permethrin) to get rid of them.

Disinfection- This option in our anti-virus and anti-bacterial category involves us treating any bacterial, mold, fungi, germs and mites.

4. Packaging & Shipping

In case you want packaging for your carpet after cleaning, at My Fair Cleaning we also offer that at a specific cost. There are two options to choose from- carton or roll.

5. Insurance

At My Fair Cleaning, we offer DHL Standard insurance for your carpet for free, whereas the cost of insurance that covers up to €2500 in losses and damages is priced at €38.

DIY Carpet Cleaning or Professional – A Heavier Price to Pay?

Before you make the decision remember to carefully analyse the pros and cons.

DIY carpet cleaning when compared to professional carpet cleaning is more time -intensive, can cause damage, can incur equipment costs, and requires a deep knowledge of the right cleaners and method to use to clean your carpet.

On the other hand, professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet clean and in good condition and a major surprise is that it can be cost-saving in the long run. This is because it is less time-intensive and doesn’t require the purchase of expensive equipment from your end. It also ensures no damage is caused on your carpet because it’s in the good hands of professionals that know the Ins and outs of carpet cleaning.

Now that you know how professional carpet cleaning cost is determined and how feasible it is, don’t wait up, book a cleaning appointment today by choosing the type of wash you need, carpet size, packaging, selecting your convenient carpet pickup date, insurance provider and any additional details you’d like to mention to our cleaning experts!

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