9 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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First things first, if you’re reading this blog post then you’re thinking of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, but are not quite sure yet as you aren’t aware of whether its a good idea.

Fret not, our blog will convince you why it’s a good Idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning service effective immediately!

9 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

1. Health Benefits

As we are all aware of the phrases “health is wealth” and “health above all”, these couldn’t hold truer than when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Dust is a constant in every home, no matter how careful one is, whether you keep your house doors and windows shut, dust creeps in.

As a homeowner, one tends to clean the dust at home every now and then, but the carpet becomes an afterthought that could be making your family and you sick.

And even if you do vacuum the carpet, its not enough. This is because even the best vacuum cleaners only clean one-fourth of the fibres of the carpet, leaving that dust settled deeply into the other parts.

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned therefore, makes a huge difference to ward off diseases and allergies by eliminating unwanted health hazards such as debris, mold, fungus, mites and more.

2. Improve the Life-Span of Your Carpet

When you get your carpet professionally cleaned, you extend the life of your carpet and add to its aesthetic appeal.

But do keep in mind, this also depends on the quality and the number of times you do the routine maintenance and cleaning.

Remember, the carpet in your home is an asset just like the painting on your wall or the equipment’s in your kitchen.

Moreover, constant foot traffic can take away the beauty of your carpet, so professionally carpet cleaning becomes a must.

3. Eliminate Odours

Ever wondered why your carpet still smells even after vacuuming it numerous times? This is because vacuuming like we mentioned earlier can only go so far down the fibres.

Whether it’s pet urine or food spills, these only add to the odour issues and DIY cleaning them doesn’t make the cut.

Therefore, to get rid of these odours a deep cleaning professional method such as steam cleaning is required.

4. Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

Sometimes through no fault of ones own, stains do not come out using DIY. This is where a professional carpet cleaning service comes to the rescue.

Professionals have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of stains and knowledge to identify the most ideal cleaning method to remove it.

Carpet cleaning is tougher than individuals realize and can cause irreparable damage to the fibres if the wrong product or method is used.

5. Helps You Keep the Guarantee of Your Carpet

You know how there are always manufacturer instructions given on any carpet you purchase and it includes how to best clean it?

The X years of guarantee, only applies if you have your carpet professionally cleaned every now and then.

Also a smart practice is to save the cleaning bills so the next time you wanna ask your money back from the manufacturer Incase the guarantee really doesn’t work or you want to get your carpet replaced, doing so becomes a walk in the park.

6. DIY can cause Irreparable damage

Some carpet fibres are more delicate than other types and need significant care while cleaning. These natural fibres cannot be cleaned with conventional methods and need more advanced equipment to do so. This is where professional carpet cleaning comes into the picture.

7. Saves Huge Amounts of Time

A great and sufficient reason for anyone to hire a professional carpet cleaning service is the amount of time it saves up and in addition a trip to the chiropractor :p

It takes time to clean, maintain and care for a carpet, add to that an already busy life, and it becomes almost unbearable.

8. Relax and Keep Your Mind at Ease

There is nothing better than getting to sit back and relax while a professional takes care of your carpet. Because let’s be honest a lot can go wrong when you clean your carpet yourself.

9. Hassle-Free, Fast & Simple

When you decide that you want to clean the carpet yourself, you have to deal with a lot of things, whether it’s the cleaning product to use, the method you’re going to do it with and the equipment you’re going to use.

And let’s be real, the equipment is heavy, cumbersome and even expensive.

Furthermore, you will never get the results with DIY that professional carpet cleaning can achieve. It’s much easier to hire someone to do the job for you.

At My Fair Cleaning, booking a professional carpet cleaning becomes even more simplistic as you can book a cleaning according to your time and preference, at which we pick your carpet and deliver it when its cleaned right to your doorstep!

Why Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning from My Fair Cleaning?

We only use the best cleaning products from great manufacturers for carpet cleaning. You can be at ease knowing that our products are not only effective, efficient and safe for your carpets, but also safe for your pets, children and the environment.
Our powerful and advanced machines ensure a thorough clean every time. And remove almost all the dirt, debris and germs, eliminate any other unseen contaminants and therefore improve the air quality in your home.

Our professional carpet cleaning booking service is completely online so you don’t need to pick up that phone and speak to sales reps. All you have to do is press on the book a cleaning button on our website, choose your cleaning options and you’re good to go! We pick up your carpet and deliver it to your doorstep all at your time and convenience. Easy isn’t it?

Lastly, we also offer insurance so you can be rest assured that your carpet and your money is in safe hands.

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