Frequently asked questions

It is world’s first online platform which uses technology to connect the customers having dirty carpets with Washing centres specialized in washing carpets.

Whenever our customer wish to have the dirty carpets washed by professionals then on our platform in just few clicks they can place the order 24*7. Online payment provision makes the whole ordering process quick and simple.

DHL (Who is our logistics partner) makes the movement of Carpets from customer address to our Washing centre’s address and back very professional and environment friendly.Our platforms brings win-win scenario for our customers and washing centres both in following ways.

Benefits for customers:-
A.Ne need to search for nearby washing centres.
B.No need to worry about the service quality of washing centres.
C.No need to make phone calls to place order and then wait for Pickups based on washing centres convenience.

Benefits for Washing centres:-
A.No need to search for new customers.
B.No need to worry about logistics (Including vehicle & drivers for pickup and drop of Carpets).
C.More eco-friendly.

We have two step process to place the order. Which starts with first clicking on the button ‘Teppichreinigung buchen’ on our home page ora button on top of the page ‘Reinigen Sie Ihren Teppich jetzt’.First step:- Fill the carpets details and then how are you going to package your carpet so that we can arrange shipment from DHL.Second step:- Fill the personal details (required by us to process the order and Invoice) and then select the online payment method.

Information filled in this section first help us to estimate the cost of shipment and then accordingly we arrange DHL pickup service based onhow many package and what shape of packaging for your carpets.

Let say you have 3 Carpets and you pack in one Carton then you need to pay price for only 1 shipment (Here, please select ‘Wählen Sie Paketmaterial’ as Karton and below select 1 ). Same thing applies for Rolle also. Please refer our videos to learn how to effectively package the carpets.

You have many channels to approach us and can select any based on your convenience.

B.Our phone number 0800-380-3838
C.Go to our contact section of website.
D.Write an email to us on our email id [email protected]

We will contact you back in next hours.

Approximately It takes 7 to 10 days to get your Carpets back.

We recommend getting your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year. Regular cleaning not only ensures your carpet is hygienically cleaned but also add freshness in your carpet and prolong its life.

We offer 4 different types of residential carpet cleaning service i.e.
Oriental and Persian carpet cleaning (14,90 €/qm)
Wool carpet cleaning (18,90 €/qm)
Silk carpet cleaning (20,90 €/qm)
Antique carpet cleaning (23,90 €/qm)
We offer solution for all situations in great price.
For Commercial carpet cleaning like Kindergarten carpet cleaning and old age home carpet cleaning we determine the cost after Inspection. Please feel free to contact us on our email id [email protected].

We are present in all the major places in Munich like Allach, Am Hart, Am Moosfeld, Am Riesenfeld, Aubing, Berg am Laim, Bogenhausen, Daglfing, Denning, Englschalking, Fasangarten, Feldmoching, Forstenried, Freiham, Freimann, Fürstenried, Giesing, Hadern, Holzapfelkreuth, Haidhausen, Harlaching
Hasenbergl, Isarvorstadt, Johanneskirchen, Laim, Langwied, Lehel, Lochhausen, Ludwigvorstadt, Maxvorstadt, Milbertshofen, Moosach, Neuhausen, Nymphenburg, Oberföhring, Obermenzing, Obersendling, Pasing, Perlach, Ramersdorf, Riem, Schwabing, Schwanthalerhöhe, Sendling, Solln, Steinhausen, Thalkirchen, Trudering, Untermenzing, Unterhaching, Zamdorf, Grünwald.

Yes, with the help of advanced technology products we eliminate foul smell such as food or smoke smell from Carpets. Presence of dust, food crumbs or bacteria makes your carpet smell bad. But our carpet cleaning service in Munich take care of it fully.

For all the dust which accumulates on the surfaces in our home we use our vacuum cleaners to remove it, but vacuum cleaners used at home are not enough to remove all the dust accumulated in the carpets and rugs. For people with Asthma and other respiratory problems this can pose a serious challenge.
Hence, it is highly recommended to seek the help of professional carpet cleaners like my fair cleaning. We are based in Munich Berg am Laim but we provide service across Munich and whole Germany.