How to Make Your Shaggy Carpet Soft and Fluffy Again?

teppich wieder flauschig machen

Carpets are one of the most important necessities in your home space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also comforting at the same time. They go through a lot. You might have noticed that over time, they lose their original charm. A fluffy and soft carpet becomes rough and filthy. When it comes to carpets, maintenance takes more time and effort. Let’s see the causes and remedies to make your shaggy carpet soft and fluffy again.

What is causing your carpets to lose their charm?

The fibres of shady carpets will turn flat with time. When buying, carpets have a property that retains their elasticity. They are springy at first.

This resilience is lost with each passing day due to excessive use and wear in carpet areas that witness high traffic. The dirt, dust, and weight of furniture make the carpet dull.

Ways to remove carpet wrinkles

Heavy furniture leaves dents in your carpet. Well, there are a few methods for making the carpets fluffy again. Give your carpet a blowout. First, dampen the area by spraying water and then blow dry it by keeping the blow dryer nearly two inches above the carpet. Vacuum it in the end.

If the dented area is large, place a wet cotton towel over it. Then heat the fibres with iron by moving them over the towel. After infusing the fibres with moisture, remove the towel and fluff the carpet fibres. If you feel the need, repeat the same procedure and vacuum it.

Place a few ice cubes on the affected area for small dents and let them melt. When the carpet is wet, fluff it with your fingers. Repeat the same, and then vacuum the area in the end.

Some basic hacks to make carpet fluffy and soft again

The very first step is inspecting the carpet closely. If you find any thread coming out of the carpet, snip them with scissors.

Clean your carpet using a mixture of baking soda and salt. First, vacuum the carpet, and sprinkle the mixture. Spritz the area with water and use a brush to spread the mixture into the carpet fibres. Now, blot the dirt with a towel and vacuum it well to lift the fibres.

You can clean your carpet using a mixture of vinegar and water. Take one part of white vinegar and three parts of water. Vacuum the carpet, and then spray the mixture until the carpet area seems damp. Leave it as it is for five minutes. Blot the dirt away with a microfibre cloth. Allow the carpet to dry and then vacuum it to lift the fibres.

If you have a steam cleaner, remove the dirt, weighting the fibres down. It will make your carpet soft and fluffier.

A fabric softener can also help, but avoid using it too much as it will damage the carpet.

Some ideas to retain your carpet’s softness

Never keep heavy furniture on the same carpet area for a long time. Instead, rotate them every few months to avoid extreme flattening. Vacuum the carpet at least once a week.

Make a habit of not wearing shoes on the carpet as they cause too much soiling. Also, keep doormats outside and inside the main entrance to reduce dirt.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year to keep its quality intact.

Seek professional help

Well, the carpets and rugs require proper cleaning and frequent maintenance. Getting your house carpet or office carpet clean is sometimes a nerve-wracking task.

Taking care of your carpets extends its life. If your carpet has become dull and rough, and you cannot restore it at home, it is time for you to take an expert’s help.

Hiring experts that use eco-friendly cleaning agents is recommended. My Fair Cleaning provides the service of reasonable and eco-friendly carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning home remedies are sometimes risky. The excessive use of solutions or softeners can permanently damage the carpet fibres.

We at My Fair Cleaning have a team of professionals that knows everything about carpet materials and ways to deal with them. We not only offer carpet cleaning but also offer restoration of vintage carpets, making them soft and fluffy again.

Dying is a good option if you want your carpets to shine again. Customise your carpet by making it soft and relive your first time buying experience. Avail of the advantages of the best online carpet cleaning service throughout Germany.

Final Words

Using the right techniques, you can keep your carpet fluffy and full. According to most experts, no matter how tidy your fixed-floor carpet looks on the outside, it might be filthy on the inside.

Occasional cleaning is necessary to increase the carpet life and maintain dust-free air in your living space. Carpets are best for covering the floor as they are soft, warm and comfortable.

However, it demands some work to keep them resilient, especially when old. If you live in an area with more dust than usual, the carpets might seem flat and dull more frequently.

My Fair Cleaning is a one-stop destination for restoring carpets. Book your carpet cleaning service now with us to make them soft and fluffy again and experience the feeling of fluffy carpets again!

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