Why Cleaning Carpet with Shaving Foam is a Bad Idea?

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Shaving foam- Used for Carpet Cleaning?

Shaving foam, we know how revolutionary it is. But would you believe that individuals use it for other than hair removal, but also carpet cleaning. In this blog, we tell you why this canned concoction can come with a cost many are unaware of when it comes to carpet cleaning and is a bad idea.

How is Shaving Foam a Bad Idea for Carpet Cleaning

Shaving foam contains harmful ingredients and can be detrimental not only for carpet cleaning but also for the health of your family and close ones! Here is how:

1. Contain Surfactant Chemicals

These are artificial lubricants that make a surface alkaline. This is what creates that slippery and gives you the gliding effect when cleaning.

This causes not only the carpet to overly dry but also your skin, making your carpet wear and tear but also your skin to lose moisture and age faster.

2. Includes Harmful Fragrances

Shaving foams often have unnecessary fragrances that when used in carpet cleaning can come in contact with an individual causing headaches, rashes, skin irritation and dizziness.

3. Has Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

This chemical in 1992 was rated as the most toxic chemical by the Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

It can cause adverse eye, skin and lung irritation as well as disruption of hormones.

4. Not a Great Option for Deeper Stains

Most stains are too tough to be cleaned by shaving foam. Although shaving foam is ideal for coffee or mud stains, tougher stains like oil spills or food grease cannot be banished by this method.

5. Consists of Glycols

Shaving foam contains different types of glycols such as propylene, butylene and ethylene. These significantly contribute to skin rashes, dermatitis in children and adults as well as can contribute to kidney and blood disorders.

6. Can Cause Oil Stains

Shaving foam contains mineral oils that can clog deeply into the fibre of your carpets and cause staining. It is always better to be proactive when it comes to carpet cleaning as mineral oil stains are one of the toughest to remove.

Another thing to know is that mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum. Yes, indeed- gasoline! Imagine how harmful and flammable this can be when used for carpet cleaning!

7. Not an Ideal Option for Tougher Stains

There are various stains that are too tough to be cleaned by shaving foam. Shaving foam is ideally suitable for coffee spills or mud stains. But when it comes to heavy and tough stains like an oil spill or grease, shaving foam won’t be a good option.

8. Can Cause Discolouration

Certain products can cause chemical reactions when they get mixed with shaving foam. For instance, red wine, cosmetic stains, vinegar, etc.

Furthermore, Isopetane present in shaving foam contains solvent that can dissolve other ingredients into others causing a mix of stains difficult to remove.

This not only doesn’t make a stain go away but also can cause discolouration of your carpet.

9. DIY with Shaving Foam Can Go Horribly Wrong

If your carpet is made of expensive or delicate fabric, using shaving foam for carpet cleaning is the worst choice. This is because not only can your carpet lose colour but it can also get irreparably damaged. Remember, some things are better left in the hands of the experts.

10. Harmful for the Environment

Lastly, not only is shaving foam a bad idea for your carpet, but also for the environment.

Did you know billions of aerosol cans of shaving foam get discarded in landfills throughout the world?!

Because of the various chemical products found in shaving foam, they cannot dissolve in the ocean, making them a total eco-hazard. Fewer cans such as these means fewer carcinogens in the sea, land and in your home. Do yourself and our earth a favour, it’s time to let go of shaving foam from your carpet cleaning routine!

Final Thoughts

As a homeowner you need to be aware of the toxic chemicals you introduce into your home with cleaning products and DIY’s such as shaving foams. Products such as this can give rise to the release of dangerous and toxic fumes in the environment, causing harm to you, your significant others, children and furry friends who spend a lot of time coming in contact with them.

Whether it’s nausea, fatigue, dizziness, kidney, liver damage, respiratory problems and exasperation of allergies, long term exposure to the chemicals present in shaving foam is real and can harm your loved ones as well as your carpet in more ways than one!

Ali December 10, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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