The Best Ways to Clean Office Carpets

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Office Carpet Cleaning- A Crucial Element of Employee Well-Being

First impressions always matter. More so when it’s in a professional setting. When employees walk into your office they need to feel a sense of morale and well-being, which makes carpet cleaning for your office carpets all the more necessary.

But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to cleaning office carpets by just sanitizing them. Various researches state that the office environment affects the overall health and happiness of workers as well as has a significant impact on their thinking capabilities and productivity.

In this blog, we will widely cover why carpet cleaning for office matters, best ways to clean office carpets and how often you should get them cleaned.

Let’s start.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning for Office

Carpets in the office are probably the last thing individuals think about when it comes to cleaning, but there could be plenty of things that lurk within those fibres, despite numerous attempts at sweeping and vacuuming. Here are some revolving things that could be living in your office carpets:

Bacteria: Bacteria is one thing that cannot be seen with the naked eye which is why chances are highly likely that your carpet has them. In fact, studies have found that a carpet carries 4000 times more bacteria than the usual toilet seat. Yuck, right?

Dust & Dirt: This is a given, since there is so much foot traffic on a daily basis. That is, employees coming in and out of the office. This dirt and dust can seep in the fibres of the carpet, making it impossible to remove it all with just the standard sweeping and vacuuming.

Mould: Poor ventilation and excess moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow on your office carpets, resulting in employees getting sick with symptoms such as wheezing, stuffy nose, irritated skin and itchy eyes.

Pests: Consuming food and beverages are a common thing in the office. Although spilling of these particles can cause pesky bugs on your carpets that overtime cause allergies and other respiratory issues in humans.

Best Ways to Clean Office Carpets Effectively

Hot Water Extraction Method:

One of the simplest ways to give your office carpets a deep clean is by utilizing the hot water extraction method. This is because this method of carpet cleaning can remove around 97% of bacteria. Since efficient pressure of hot water needs to be applied to loosen the dirt particles, it is best to employ professional carpet cleaning for this method.

Carpet Shampoo Method:

Another way to ensure deep cleaning of your office carpets is by making use of carpet shampoo. These types of shampoos are formulated using a foaming solution that gets rid of dust and dirt by attracting it as soon as they are applied and left to dry.

Once this solution dries up, it becomes brittle, easily getting out from the fibres of your office carpet. After this happens, ensure that you vacuum to remove any residues.

Dry Cleaning Method:

In this method, no liquid solutions or water is used, hence the name. All you need to do is sprinkle some dry cleaning powder and use a rotating machine to spread it evenly on your office carpets. Next, you need to wait fifteen to thirty minutes for this powder to absorb the dust particles and then vacuum.

Noteworthy Tips to Keep Your Office Carpets Looking Their Best

Have a Maintenance Plan Handy

In order to choose the right carpet cleaning method for your office, you need to have a regime and maintenance plan set out beforehand. This is because cleaning your office carpets should be unique to your needs, such as the level of foot traffic your carpets get daily, the location of your office as well as the weather in that area.

Regular Vacuuming

The most important factor in extending the shelf life and maintaining the appearance of your office carpets is regular vacuuming. This again depends on the amount of foot traffic. For example: If your office experiences high foot traffic, then you need to vacuum it more often, preferably every day or every alternate day. Furthermore, if the weather is terrible and lots of water and dirt is being brought by employees in the office because of this, you might need to clean more thoroughly.

Deep Cleaning

Although regular vacuuming is a good way to get started and manages to remove at least 70-80% of debris from your office carpets, even the best vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove it completely.

You might think- 70-80% is not bad at all, but the remaining 20% debris can settle ground into your carpet and start to damage the fibres, which accelerates the degradation process.

Deep cleaning such as steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning ensures that you get a 100% dirt and debris free carpet!

Be Proactively Prepared for Spills

In the office, cleaning spills immediately is encouraged although not always possible. Some spills will be harder to remove than others- such as coffee or ink stains. Which is why a professional office carpet cleaning service is an ideal choice due to it’s time and money saving ability.

Limit the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Their health and well-being should therefore be top-priority. Store-bought cleansers not only contain harsh chemicals but can also cause irreparable damage to the office carpets if one does not know which one and how to use them.

Getting professional help is key to maintaining the appearance and morale in your office.

DIY Carpet Cleaning for Office: The Risks Involved

There are numerous risks involved when deciding to clean the office carpets yourself or getting it done from an inhouse cleaner. They are as follows:

  • Risk of soaking the carpet in excess water and damaging the carpet fibres.
  • Inability to deep clean the carpet with portable cleaning machines
  • Lack of technical know-how regarding impurities and stains
  • No knowledge of using the right equipment- both automatic and manual.
  • Use of harmful chemicals that lead to employee health issues and thus decreased productivity and absenteeism.

How Often Should You Get Carpet Cleaning Done for the Office?

In order to determine how often you should get an office carpet cleaning done, it is best to take into account the following factors:

Colour of the Carpets: Lighter carpets make dirt visible as compared to darker ones. Therefore, depending on this aspect, you would need to schedule a carpet cleaning.

Foot Traffic: Areas like entrances and hallways are high foot traffic areas, and thus require preventive deep cleans at least once a month. For lower traffic areas like the conference rooms, twice a year should be appropriate.

Type of Space and Location: The kind of business you’re running such as restaurant, medical, retail, nursing homes, etc, and its location is a huge decision factor when it comes to determining the frequency of getting carpet cleaning done.

Why Is My Fair Cleaning the Ideal Choice For Your Office Carpet Cleaning?

When you invest in a knowledgeable and quality carpet cleaning professional from my fair cleaning, you invest in everything that matters to your employees- health, well-being, comfort and above all happiness.

The effects of carpet cleaning for the office cannot be stressed enough due to its ability to improve productivity and in turn boost your bottom line.

So, don’t wait up. Book a professional office carpet cleaning service now!

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