How to Remove the Smell of Smoke from Your Carpet

Of all the foul odors that can surround a home, smoke is the strongest. Its smell lingers far longer than most. Carpets with their multiple porous fibres are the perfect accomplice, and the stale stench can last for months to come.

If you are looking to remove the smell of smoke from your carpet, you have come to just the right place, as our experts are going to give you some amazing tips.

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Do it Yourself Tips to Remove the Smell of Smoke

If the smoke smell is mild, try sprinkling baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Next, follow it up with vacuuming and spritz it with one part vinegar and two-part water, and switch the fan to high to speed up the drying process.

Our experts also suggest mixing a cup of lavender into the baking soda and sprinkle it over every inch of the carpet before going to bed, such that it has a full eight hours to soak up most of the odor before vacuuming the carpet.

Other reasons for smoke odour are as follows:

Odours from Burnt Food

While cooking, sometimes we can get distracted and burn food, we’re all human after all! The smell of something like this can stay behind in your carpets especially at high temperatures. To remove this type of smoke smell, all you have to do is use the same process used earlier with just a few additional steps.

After vacuuming the baking soda and lavender mixture out of the carpet, you need to set a few bowls of distilled white vinegar around the room. These bowls with vinegar act as air purifiers and absorb any odor from the room/carpets. Leave this out for three to five days, and the smoke smell shall be removed like it was never there!

Odours from Fire Damage

This type of smoke smell is the most difficult one to deal with hands down. The fix for this also ultimately depends on where the fire came from and the type of smoke that is produced.

The different types of smokes associated with fire damage are as follows:

  • Wet Smoke: This type of smoke is caused by the burning of plastic and rubbers at low heat. It causes a pungent odor, is sticky and smeary.
  • Dry smoke: This is caused by paper and wood-burning fast at high temperatures.
  • Other types of smoke smell are caused by tear gas, fingerprint powder, fire extinguishers and more.

Professional help is the way to go remove these types of smoke smells.

Final Thoughts

If you’re dealing with a smoke smell and have tried to deal with it on your own but it has not worked or even don’t have the time to address it, then let our professional carpet cleaning experts take care of it for you. At My Fair Cleaning, we’ve dealt with this kind of problem before and have state of the art equipment to effectively remove the smoke smell from your carpet.

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Ali March 23, 2021 Carpet Odor

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