How to Clean Old and Expensive Carpet

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Carpets have always enhanced the look of your home space. It adds to the ambience of your house. The carpets, especially cleaning old carpets and rugs, also add more steps to your regular house cleaning and proper maintenance.

However, these steps do increase the life of your carpets. You are not supposed to clean carpets as frequently as regular house maintenance, but you must follow the correct method to do so while cleaning.

First Know your carpet well

The first thing you should do while cleaning carpets and area rugs is identify their material. However, most carpets have wool, nylon, silk, olefin, or polyester as fibres. Carpets with cotton, viscose, jute fibres, or polypropylene are also available.

You should note that each carpet offers a unique combination of appearance, stain resistance, and durability. If your carpet is old and expensive, it is best to restore it with the best techniques.

Cleaning old carpets is sometimes tedious if their usage has remained high. To save expensive carpets from damage and extend their life, it is crucial to maintain them.

The natural fibres and synthetic fibres react differently to all the cleaning solutions. Whether it is a wine stain, pet pee, or stubborn stain from any food item, using the proper method, it can be removed.

What about your outdoor carpets?

They are usually made from sturdier synthetic fibres such as polypropylene or acrylic nylon. These carpets require the least effort for cleaning and maintenance.

Some basic carpet cleaning hacks

Simply avoid the carpets from getting wet. If any liquid is split on it, immediately use a paper towel or cloth to remove it. Remember, moisture is the biggest no for the longevity of carpets.

Wipe out the mud stains after they are dried. Use a vacuum to remove it, and then remove the stains with a cloth. Make sure you do not procrastinate vacuuming carpets at intervals of 15 days. It will keep your carpets dust-free and germ-free.

Talking about snags, do not remove them by pulling; instead, use scissors to flatten them. It is also recommended that you check for moths and bugs during your regular cleaning sessions. They can do a lot of damage, especially to handmade carpets.

Steps to clean your old and expensive carpet

Test the rug shampoo in a small part of the carpet. If it does not bleed colours, go ahead.

  • Wet the carpet thoroughly.
  • Apply the shampoo using a brush for deep absorption.
  • Leave it as it is for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse the carpet with increased hose pressure.
  • Remove all the water from the carpet using a wiper.
  • Dry it. Hanging the carpet in sunlight is recommended.
  • Vacuum the carpet.

Seeking professional help

Cleaning old and expensive carpets at home is risky. The excessive use of several cleaning solutions can damage the carpet fibres. They can remove dyes from the carpets, making them look dull and old.

Also, cleaning solutions at home cannot remove strong pet odours. Germs trapped in the carpets cannot be extracted at home. Hiring an expert carpet cleaner is always recommended once in a while.

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How can we help?

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How will our services help?

Customise your old and expensive carpets. Many users appreciate our carpet-dyeing service and are even surprised by seeing the restoration.

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Wrap Up!

While dealing with your old and expensive carpets, ensure that you take proper care of the fabric and dyes. Whether indoor carpets or outdoor carpets, maintenance at regular intervals will increase its life. A neat carpet in your living space will add to the room’s aesthetics.

All the services offered at My Fair Cleaning are at reasonable rates without compromising cleansing quality. If you want your vintage carpets to enhance the ambience of your living room again, it will never be more convenient than hiring professionals from My Fair Cleaning.

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