How often should you clean your Fixed Floor Carpets?

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Carpets add to the ambience of your house. They have always enhanced the look of your home space. Well, the carpets and rugs require cleaning and proper maintenance. Getting your house carpet or office carpet clean is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to fixed floor carpets, the cleaning process takes more time and effort.

Carpets get through a lot, whether it is wine stains, pet pee, stains from shoes, spills or stubborn stains from any food item. Frequently taking care of your floor carpets extends their life.

Tips to clean your fixed floor carpets

For routine cleaning, first move the furniture and other things away from the carpet. Set the vacuum and vacuum the extremely dusty and open area more number of times. It is recommended to use a rubber- edged squilgee if you want to collect pet hair.

Freshen your carpets by sprinkling baking soda once a month. Leave it for about an hour and It will absorb oil stains and odours. For liquid spills, quickly blot the moisture away using paper towels. For solid stains of mud or food, use a dull knife to lift them and then remove the stain using white cloth.

Vinegar efficiently removes odours, and lightens certain food stains from the fibres. Apply a mixture of white vinegar and water, both in equal amounts on the stain.

Dishwashing liquid detergent easily removes most of the stains from the carpet. Apply a mixture of 2 to 3 drops of detergent and 1 cup of warm water to the stain. Then remove it with white cloth. Apart from this, ice can be used to remove gum from the carpet. Use of ice and an iron can remove wax from the carpet.

Some common questions to answer

How often should you clean your fixed floor carpet?

Well, it depends on many things. If someone in your house has dust allergies, cleaning should be done more often. If your carpet is of light colour, more frequent cleaning is required to prevent it from getting dull.

If you allow your pets on the carpet, it can create a mess. If you allow shoes on carpets, you have to clean the carpet more often.
Generally, be it wall-to-wall fixed carpets or area rugs, it is a must to vacuum it at least once in a week. Apart from regular vacuuming, the floor carpets should be cleaned thoroughly twice a month.

All the stains and spills should be immediately treated before they get more absorbed.

Does your carpet warranty need a particular cleaning schedule?

There are several carpet manufacturers that insist you to follow a specific cleaning regimen to keep your warranty intact. Generally, it is stated in the warranty to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice in a year.

How often should carpet be cleaned if you have kids?

No doubt, kids cause a lot of spoils, stains, and smears. Be it muddy footprints, paint, fruit juice, or anything else, kids can create a mess. If you have kids, it must really be a challenge for you to keep the carpet fresh.

Carpet cleaning should be done more often to keep the carpet free from bacterias as kids spend their time here. Hiring experts that use eco-friendly cleaning agents is recommended. My Fair Cleaning provides the service of affordable and eco-friendly fixed carpet cleaning.

How often should you get your carpet professionally cleaned?

The carpet cleaning home remedies are sometimes risky. The use of certain cleaning solutions can permanently damage the carpet fibres. They can remove dyes from the carpets, making it look dull and old. The life of the carpets thus reduces.

Cleaning solutions and agents at home are not that capable of removing strong pet odours. Germs trapped in the carpets cannot be extracted at home. It is recommended to get your fixed floor carpet professionally cleaned at least twice in a year.

My Fair Cleaning not only offers fixed-floor carpet cleaning, but also provides restoration of 70-80 year vintage floor carpets using immense expertise and latest technologies. If you are bored of your floor carpet dyes, customise it and relive your first time buying experience. Take the advantage of the best online carpet cleaning service throughout Germany.

Final Words!

As per most experts, no matter how shiny or tidy your fixed-floor carpet looks on the outside, they might be dingy on the inside. Occasional cleaning is necessary to increase the carpet life and to maintain clean and dust-free air in your living space.

Carpets are best for covering the floor as it is warm and cosy. However, it demands some work for its maintenance, especially when you have kids and pets. If you feel that your floor carpet now needs professional help, My Fair Cleaning will never disappoint you.

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