Complete Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Outdoor Carpets


Outdoor Carpet Cleaning: A Necessity

More often than not, every individual remembers to wash and clean the indoor carpets, but neglects the outdoor carpet.

Over time, this outdoor carpet accumulates dust, dirt, debris, bacteria and even mold and mildew, which makes it look not so inviting. Remember, the outside of your home should be given as much attention as the inside.

In this blog, we will cover effective ways to clean and maintain your outdoor carpet.

Let’s start!

How to Clean Your Outdoor Carpet?

1. Start by Eliminating Debris

In order to do this, grab your outdoor carpet and give it a good shake. This is often easier when you have a helping hand. Each person stands on the other end of the carpet, shaking it until the surface debris comes off.

In case you have a large carpet, lay it down on a railing, or stair/ladder and hit it with a stick, bat, or anything else.

2. Vacuum it Up

After the shaking or beating, you will notice a fine layer of dust on your outdoor carpet. This is when you should vacuum both sides of the carpet.

This should be done atleast once a week or once every couple of weeks. This is because dirt and debris on the carpet isn’t easy to notice and the vacuuming will reach within the fibres and take care of this.

3. Rinse It

Take a garden hose or any other water pipe and hose down the carpet until you see the water is running clear.

Do this by laying the outdoor carpet on an inclined surface such as a yard or even driveway. This way it becomes easier for the water to drain off.

4. Use Mild Soap or Cleaner

Take a small amount of mild soap or special carpet cleaner and put it in a bucket of water. Make sure that you check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of hot or cold water.

Next, use a soft bristled brush and dip it into the soap mixture and scrub. Ensure you lather the outdoor carpet thoroughly on both ends. Although outdoor carpets have great withstanding power, excessive scrubbing is never a good thing and can wear down the fibres.

While mild dish soap is an easier solution, tougher stains require a stronger cleaner. A DIY cleaner by mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste and applying it on the outdoor carpet stain should do the trick.

5. Rinse it Again!

Now that you’ve finished lathering the outdoor carpet with your solution of choice, make sure no residue of the soap or DIY cleaner remains. This can be made sure by checking if the water runs clear.

Remember, the amount of rinses required also depends on how much soap or cleaner you have used.

6. Dry it Up

Finally, lay your outdoor carpet flat to dry. Make sure you lay the outdoor carpet in a sunny spot. Once you notice that the top has dried, flip it and dry the back side. Don’t panic if your carpet feels stiff and uncomfortable at first. All you need to do is give it some time after this process and it will soften up naturally.

Maintaining and Keeping Your Outdoor Carpet Looking as Good as New

1. Location Matters

How long your outdoor carpet lasts also depends on where you keep it. If the outdoor carpet is kept in an area that has direct exposure to sunlight and in moist areas, it will wear out sooner than it should.

To keep your outdoor carpet looking new and being easier to clean, ensure that it is kept in a low-traffic area that will stay dry but also isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Use a Waterproof Carpet Pad

When it comes to an outdoor carpet, a pad will keep it looking better for longer. Think of this accessory as a protection.

There are a variety of common options when it comes to choosing carpet pads. They are:

  • Hard Floor Pad: This pad is thick in nature and made with a rubber thread beneath it which helps in providing grip and comfort as well as acting as a shield against dirt.
  • Felt Pad: This pad is made from a thick padded fabric, but unlike hard floor pad this does not provide grip but does protect from dirt.
  • Waffle Pad: The waffle pad is made from a rubbery and soft material that provides minimal cushioning and protection but prevents from skidding or slipping accidents.

The carpet pad you decide should be dependent on what need you want your outdoor carpet to fulfill. Although ensure that any pad you choose is waterproof, also called weatherproof to prevent moisture accumulation.

3. Prevention is the Best Approach

Preventing damage in the first place is a large step in ensuring your outdoor carpet lasts as long as possible. A few proactive measures you can take are:

  • Cleaning spills immediately or as soon as they take place.
  • Spot clean your outdoor carpet when stains occur.
  • Dry the outdoor carpet completely before vacuuming or cleaning to avoid excess moisture.
  • Preventing the build-up of mildew, dust or debris by timely vacuuming.
  • Keeping an eye out for carpet insects or pests.
  • Storing the carpet in an area free from moisture during winter and monsoon months. Ensure that if you do decide to store away your outdoor carpet, you wrap it with a fabric that is lightweight to let the carpet breathe while also protecting it from insects and pests.
  • Get your outdoor carpet professionally cleaned at least at the end of every season to keep it in a spotless condition.

Final Thoughts

Remember, outdoor carpets are durable but not indestructible. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential steps in keeping them looking good as well as lasting a long time.

Furthermore, DIY carpet cleaning can have dire consequences if not done right, so getting professional help is the best way forward.

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