How Our Professionals Clean Orient Carpets

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Orient Carpet- Treat Them With the Dignity They Deserve!

At My Fair Cleaning, we are dedicated and completely understand how your orient carpets made with delicate fabrics are an important investment that you want to make sure last for years to come and we help you achieve that by ensuring proper care and attention while cleaning.

We treat all orient carpets carefully with the help of certified, knowledgeable and trained professionals using only the most proven methods and powerful but also gentle cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, safe for pets and children as well as allergen-free.

Hand-Washing Method for Fine Textiles Such as Your Orient Carpets

Whether it’s an orient, silk or wool carpet, we treat them not just as investments but also art treasures, which is why we clean them with the utmost attention to detail. According to experts, the recommended method of cleaning natural fibre carpets involves a complete immersion wet bath that ensures removal of dirt, dust, pet dander, any bacteria or contaminants that are deeply rooted within the fibres.

Our professionals, therefore, do not use automated machines to clean delicate carpets such as the orient carpet. Each carpet that we receive is washed by hand one at a time. But our professionals are well aware of the fact that each carpet has its own unique construction, fibre type, chemistry of the dye and of course the condition of the carpet, which they analyze to formulate a unique plan that suits what your orient carpet needs for the most thorough cleaning possible.

Our Professional Orient Carpet Cleaning Process:

When one cares for carpets, they can last for generations, in fact we have cleaned antique carpets like the orient that are more than 50-100 years old.

To make sure that your orient carpet gets the cleaning it deserves, here is how our process is carried out:

1. Inspection Before Washing

Our professionals inspect each carpet for soil, dye, staining or dye bleeding, weared out areas or any white knots.

Our inspection can also bring to the surface if there is any pet urine or insect damage on your carpet. Although, these will be discussed with you via call or even by emailing you the pictures of the findings before moving on to the process of the actual wash.

2. Testing the Color and Dye

When a orient carpet arrives, after inspection and before washing, an important step we perform is the dye test. This is because in some cases, this carpet can have stain bleeds due to the dyes used, exposed to high temperatures or alkalinity by the carpet owner, pet urine or DIY carpet cleaning.

Thorough planning hence becomes an essential step before safely washing a carpet.

3. Dusting & Vacuuming

Now, we thoroughly vacuum and dust your orient carpet. We first start by vacuuming both sides of the carpet and then use an advanced dusting machine.

Our dusting gets through the fibres of the carpet dislodging any dirt, dust allowing us to remove years of contaminants from your carpet.

4. Stubborn Spot Removal

Next, we treat all stubborn stains and spots with specialized gentle solutions that help loosen your carpet fibres and help remove the stain.

5. Pet Urine Spot & Odour Removal Treatment

We have so many clients that have pets they love but that occasionally wreak havoc on their carpet. When this occurs, they turn to us and our professionals know just what to do!

With our professional cleaning method we safely eliminate pet issues without damaging the carpet. Our technicians do this by keeping the orient carpet in an isolated place, apply live enzymes to where the carpet is contaminated and keep the solution there for a minimum of 24 hours. Our process guarantees that your carpet will be urine stain-free and odour free. This is so important as pets like cats, can urinate at the same spot again and again if any residual urine is left. We treat most urine stains and odours although if we feel a carpet cannot be salvaged, our professionals will let you know after inspection.

6. Full Bath Submersion (Hand Wash Process)

Your orient carpet is submerged in a large bath using the right cleaning solutions that are perfect for the textile and fibre type of your carpet. Also, both sides of your carpet are washed and a horsehair brush is used.

The orient carpet is then washed with a mild shampoo and cold water. We do not use high temperatures, hot water or harsh detergents/cleaners on your carpets.

7. Rinsing

After your orient carpet has been thoroughly cleaned with the full bath submersion and cleaning agents, we then rinse to remove all of the dust and the residual cleaning agents.

8. Drying the Orient Carpet

Since the professionals are experts in determining the age and structural composition of your orient carpets, they choose the right drying method such as hanging or laying it flat on a drying bed. We also use air movers to dry your carpet faster while dehumidifiers help control the humidity in the environment. We also avoid using high heat to dry your orient carpet so no shrinking or damage occurs.

9. Protection of Carpet Fibre (Optional)

Orient carpets have natural protection which can get stripped when subjected to a lot of wear and tear as well as staining.
Our professionals in such a case recommend fibre guard protection to keep your orient carpet lasting for generations. Stain protector is one of the most amazing ways you can extend the beauty of your professionally cleaned carpet.

10. Storage & Delivery after Final Inspection

The orient carpet is finally ready to be inspected again for one final time to ensure quality of cleaning. After your carpet is completely dry, we condition it and then inspect it with Xenon lighting to make sure there is no bacteria or any urine salts present. We also check if the carpet is completely moisture free and also check the fringes and surfaces that you or anyone else can miss out on.

We then pack your carpet, prepare it for storage in our indoor controlled environment and off our delivery partners go to send to you your exceptionally cleaned orient carpet!

Final Thoughts

At My Fair Cleaning, we love carpets, which is why you will not find professionals so engrossed in the attention to detail and care in cleaning your treasured carpet. We know this investment decor gives life to your home and we treat it no other way!

So don’t wait up, get your orient carpet professionally cleaned by our experts by booking an appointment!

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