All You Need to Know about Carpet Dyeing


Carpet Dyeing- A Smart Way to Make Your Carpet Look New

If you’re a carpet owner, you’re no stranger to things like discoloration in high foot traffic carpeted areas, sun-spots as well as old-fashioned food or DIY stains. These situations can bring about the need to investigate into a more foolproof way on how to protect your carpet without breaking one’s budget or having the need to replace the carpet.

This is where carpet dyeing comes to the rescue. In our blog, we cover everything you need to know about carpet dyeing. Such as:

  • What is carpet dyeing?
  • Ways in which carpet dyeing can prolong the life of your carpet.
  • How does it support sustainability?
  • How does the My Fair Cleaning carpet dyeing process work to make your carpet look as good as new?

Understanding Carpet Dyeing

Carpet dyeing is the process of applying carpet dye onto the surface of a carpet with a sprayer before the dye gets completely scrubbed in so that the carpet fibres can soak up the new dye evenly. This can either be done by applying a colour to the fibres or cover up any stains or blemishes to match the pre-existing shade.

How Carpet Dyeing Prolongs Carpet Life?

One of the biggest reasons to opt for carpet dyeing is that it makes your carpet look brand new, without the need to buy a replacement.

High-quality carpets usually last a good 10-15 years, so if your carpet is new, but has been exposed to staining or sunlight, dyeing is the best way to give it life without breaking the bank.

It also serves as a revamp, allowing you the freedom to refresh and revitalise your space in a myriad of ways.

Carpet Dyeing: The Road to Sustainability

Imagine all the carpet waste in the world if all anyone ever did was replace their carpets instead of resorting to cleaning and repairing.

The environmentally friendly products used by My Fair Cleaning to clean carpets are a boon to the sustainability factor. With no environmental damage due to excessive carpets in landfills as well as a cleaner and safer way of living for children, adults and pets alike. It sure is a win-win situation!

Although this doesn’t count under a sustainability standpoint, it is important nonetheless. – A process like carpet dyeing is the most economical option. Did you know that on average, carpet dyeing is almost a third the cost of replacing a carpet?

Carpet Dyeing Process at My Fair Cleaning

We start by neutralizing the bleach. This step is the first and the most important step in the carpet dyeing process to make sure that the bleach does not return. This is done by heating a neutralizing agent and applying it deep into the padding and carpet.

Next, the dye mixing takes place. Our experts figure out what colours are missing from the bleached area and then mix and match custom dye formulas in order to replace it.

A systematic colour analysis then takes place to determine the colours present in the original carpet and in the bleached area.

We then heat the custom-made dye formula so that it sets. This dye is then applied to the carpet with a syringe or a sprayer (airbrushing system). The carpet is then also groomed to ensure consistency.

Next, our experts focus on even the most fine details that are barely noticeable to ensure that the dye on the carpet looks entirely uniform.

Lastly, the carpet is dried.

Why Choose My Fair Cleaning for Carpet Dyeing?

We are proud to serve all over Germany with the best industry experience and collection of industrial grade equipment that gets the job done like no other.

To us, your comfort and keeping downtime to a minimum matters and that’s what we strive for every single day for every single customer!

You are bound to get exceptional services at economical prices along with a commitment to providing the best!

So don’t wait up, get your carpet dyed today and say goodbye to an unsightly looking carpet!

Ali February 16, 2022 Carpet Cleaning

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