Terms of service

  1. Terms of use
    1.1 The use of the web portal is free for you. Your acceptance of the Terms of Use of the my fair cleaning portal constitutes a contractual basis between you and my fair e.K., a company registered in the Commercial Register Munich under the number HRA 108289.1.2 The truthful indication of the personal data requested during the registration is obligatory for the user.
  2. Governing Law
    2.1 This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the conflict of laws rules.
  3. Delivery Time
    3.1 Delivery time is from collection by the logistics service provider, 7 days for only carpets to be cleaned with a tolerance of +/- 48 hours. In addition to the cleaning to be repaired carpets, the delivery time is a maximum of 10 days +/- 48 hours.3.2 It is for a small fee also a desired day and desired date compatible. This service can be selected in the my fair cleaning portal during the booking process.
  4. Pricing
    4.1 The use of the web portal and the associated placement services are free of charge for you. The respective prices for carpet care and logistics services are simplified throughout Germany and are the same nationwide for carpet repair, carpet washing and shipping.
  5. Payment
    5.1 Payment will be made exclusively with that of my fair cleaning in the online portal provided options.
  6. Liability
    6.1 Transport insurance: Your carpet is insured by the logistics service provider per package up to € 500 against damage to goods (loss and damage). If you want a higher sum insured, this is possible in the booking process for a small fee. A sum insured up to 2500 €, or up to 25000 € are available.6.2 Carpet washing service: The carpet laundries are liable for loss of the carpet unlimited in the amount of the fair value. The carpet laundry is not responsible for damage caused by the quality of the carpet and which it can not recognize by a professional inspection (eg insufficient strength of the fabric and seams, insufficient fastness of dyeing and printing, shrinkage, impregnation, previous improper use Treatment, hidden foreign bodies and other hidden defects). The same applies to carpets that are not, or are limited, cleanable, unless it is marked accordingly, or the carpet washing service can not recognize this by expert inspection.
  7. Cleaning Types
    7.1 Base wash: The base wash option is the only option at my fair cleaning that uses organic soap with core soap only. The carpets are inspected, come in a knocking machine and are then washed. For very dusty, dirty carpets (for example, dog hair, cat hair), please explicitly select “double tapping” in the booking process. After dedusting, the carpets are washed wet (none of our contractors cleans dry). Except for carpets knotted on both sides, only the surface is washed on all carpets. Then, in a special machine, about 90% of the water is removed from the carpets. Then the carpets are dried in a drying room at +40 degrees. The drying time is usually 24 hours depending on the condition of the carpet, it can also take days (for example, Berber carpets). After drying, after a quality check, the carpets are vacuumed and packed ready for dispatch.7.2 Intensive wash: As with the base wash, however, the carpets are chemically pretreated after tapping, before washing, stains. All the following operations are the same as the baseline wash.

    7.3 Premium wash: As for intensive wash, plus a moth repellent treatment and impregnation for synthetic rugs, or refatting of natural fiber rugs.
    In addition to the three washing options, urine treatment, disinfection, moth treatment, impregnation, refatting can be selected. The prices are calculated according to square meters.

    7.4 Urine treatment: Urine treatment and disinfection are two completely different processes during cleaning, as disinfecting the carpet would not eliminate the urine smell. If you select urine treatment in the booking process, your carpet will be treated for cleaning (chemically), especially against urine odor.

    7.5 Disinfection: Antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment against bacteria, mold, germs, mites and fungi.

    7.6 Impregnation: Surface treatment is a dirt-repellent coating for synthetic rugs similar to shoe sprays. Prevents e.g. The rapid penetration of the liquid, and thus facilitates easier stain removal.

    7.7 Moth treatment: moth treatment and moth protection are two completely different processes during cleansing. Moth protection is only for protection against moths (limited to about 6 months). When choosing moth treatment, choose the elimination of moths and larvae of an infested carpet. For this, your carpets are freed of the moths in cold rooms. In rare cases it can survive larvae. Insect spray (with permethrin) can help here.

    7.8 Refatting: A refatting gives your natural fiber rugs their natural protection. Here your carpets are washed with soap to preserve the natural wool wax. This is for the longevity and value retention of your carpet.

  8. Defects on the carpet
    Our service providers dry their carpets hanging, not lying down. Run-in and warping of carpets is material-related and can lead to dimensional changes. For stain removal, in spite of booked stain treatment, no guarantee can be given. Fungal attack in the ground tissue can cause cracks, moth infestation, Florzerfall. Existing damage can expand, existing stains may expand. Non-color rugs, or fibers, can cause discoloration for which we do not adhere. Ask your dealer if your carpet is washable.

Please open the packages immediately after the return. Due to residual moisture in the carpet, it is important to provide air circulation to avoid odors.


1. Standard Package:

  • Minimum Dimensions L 15 cm, B 11 cm, H 1 cm
  • Maximum Dimensions L 120 cm, B 60 cm, H 60 cm
  • Package up to 31,50 kg
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Pick-up and delivery on Mondays- Saturdays
  • For 5.90 € throughout Germany

2. Bulky Goods:
Package up to 31.50 kg

  • Deviate from the standard size (s.o.), up to a maximum of 200 cm in length and 360 cm girth
  • In roll form up to a maximum of 200 cm or up to 60 cm in diameter
  • Having packaging peculiarities (e.g., upstanding parts, non-dimensionally stable).
  • For 5.90 € throughout Germany

3. Transport Insurance:
Insurance against damage to goods (loss and damage) for particularly valuable goods beyond the existing liability limit of 500 €:

  • Sum insured up to € 2,500 for € 8.90
  • Sum insured up to 25,000 € for 18,90 €

4. Preferred Day:
Defining the delivery date in advance for 1.90 €.
Delivery at least 2, at most 6 working days before the desired delivery day. Desired day can only be one working day (Monday – Saturday).

5. Desired Time:
Delivery in one of the freely selectable two-hour time slots (Monday-Saturday) in German metropolitan areas for € 4.90.

  • 10 to 12 o’clock; 12-14 o’clock; 2 pm- 4 pm; 4 pm-6pm; 6 pm-8pm; 19- 21 clock
  • Second delivery attempt in the same time window on the following working day included in the price

6. Pickup Order:
Collection of individual packages flexibly at any address in Germany.

  • Per collection order online via the my fair cleaning portal 1.90 € without label printing, or 2.90 € with label printing
  • Commissioning by telephone, fax or e-mail for 4.90 € without label printing, or 6.90 € with label printing

7. Package Stop:
Stopping of parcels already in transit and chargeable return to the sender. The price for this is 2.90 € when commissioned, and 6.90 € return fee in case of success.

8. Return Fee:
For undeliverable DHL parcels, if the undeliverability is not to be represented by DHL and in all cases, in which it comes in connection with the services ordered by the sender “Branch Routing” or “parcel stop” to a return, is 15 €.

9. Additional Service:
Shipping costs for your carpets, in a standard package amount to only € 5.90, bulky goods only € 27.90.

  • All other prices can be seen under Shipping No.9 of these terms and conditions, are on top amounts plus the shipping prices standard package 5.90 € or bulky goods 5.90 €.